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Cincinnati Wedding Videography

Capturing Wedding Memories in the
Cincinnati Tri-State and Surrounding Areas

Call us today at (513)257.3017 to capture your memories.

“Only once in your life will you have every single person you love in one room, during your wedding reception. Wouldn’t it be wonderful capturing that excitement and love that’s shared on video?”.

“After talking to many married couples and asked “if you could do your wedding day all over what would you have done differently?”.

The answer is always, “We wish we had captured more wedding memories because, it quickly went by”. We also heard “We were so busy and did not have the time to talk to everyone at our wedding reception”. The couples said, “Sure we have many beautiful wedding photos, we wanted more captured, like some kind of wedding video, but our budget just wouldn’t allow it”.

Because we are a small but a very exclusive service we book or couples very quickly . So booking your date is very important to us and the earlier you retain our service the better your chances to ensure we capture your memories.

Wedding Wishing Well creates a personable heartfelt virtual video guest book during your wedding reception. We capture your family and loved ones sharing their warmest wish to the new couple on video.

Our Video Guest Book is also available for birthday parties, christenings, retirement party’s and virtually any special occasion, and can be bought as a very special and unique gift.

Being a Cincinnati wedding videographer we know that wedding pictures can only capture a moment at a time.
With this in mind our wedding videography captures live emotions and words of love from your family and friends during your wedding reception.

So when you’re looking for a wedding videographer and don’t want the traditional “walk down the aisle” but one that will capture memories you want to bring back the celebration, that’s the Wedding Wishing Well.
We capture live emotions and celebration of love and laughter during your reception . Our guest book video lets you laugh at the state of your best man after the speech, relive Aunt Donna’s hat, or even cry at your gran reminiscing about how beautiful everything was on your special day.


Imagine, sharing your wedding video with your children and grandchildren. You won’t have to explain who is in a wedding photograph, everyone will see and hear to their delight and yours the memories you captured.
Our video will bring back a flood of wedding memories, tears and laughter, reliving the memories shared for you.

It’s emotional and hard to leave family and friends behind to start a new life; we make sure you have them near you always, guiding, loving and praying for the happy couple.


Everyone deserves that special day

We are proud to be an LGBT friendly wedding videographer.

We provide equality of services and care to all couples, or any couple regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation. We feel, love knows no bounds between two people. Every loving couple deserves memories they will cherish.

Whether you’re looking to book a videography service or want something unique to capture your celebration with a professional wedding videographer for your wedding, Let Wedding Wishing Well be a part of your family

Save the Date Video

Are you looking for save the date wedding invitations ? or maybe a unique wedding invitation ? We are very excited to announce the creation of our “Save the Date” videos. Save the extra cost of mailing out all the invitations or just get the excitement started. This video is small enough to email to all your family and friends.

Exclusive offer is available as a standalone purchase or included with any of our packages. Contact us today and get the celebration started today !

Many styles to choose from. You can change colors, music, photo just about anything you want !