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Looking for Wedding Reception Ideas?.
Or Looking for Wedding Reception Ideas on a Budget?.

Are you looking to make your wedding video the most creative, exciting and memorable it can be, but your wedding budget just can’t give you all the things you want to capture? Looking for a way to break away from the traditional wedding videos and entertain your guest all at the same time?


Couples are looking for more personable ways to capture their wedding memories on video.
Ask yourself one question, where will your wedding day be celebrated? Why your reception of course.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have memories that will last forever in your hearts of your friends and loved ones celebrating and sharing their warmest wish to you on video?.

It comes down to this, ask yourself “where is all the real excitement and celebration of my wedding going to be?” and “do I wanted to capture that?”
The answer should be a resounding YES, and that’s why we are here.

Weddign Reception Ideas

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Wedding reception ideas on a budget. We have it!.

Maybe you're looking for a new creative way to entertain guests during your reception, and capture video memories at the same time.
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Wedding Receptions

Only once in your life will you have every single person you love in one room, during your wedding reception.

With the Wishing Well, you not only have a unique new idea to entertain your guests but also a very creative way to capture their love and well wishes on video at the same time!.
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Couples Say

We talked to many married couples and asked “if you did your wedding day all over, what would you have done differently?".

The answer is always, "We wish we had captured more wedding memories because, it quickly went by".
Cincinnati Wedding Videographer

Wedding Receptions Fly By

We also heard “We were so busy and did not have the time to talk to everyone at our wedding reception”.

The couples said, “Sure, we have many beautiful wedding photos, we wanted more captured, like some kind of wedding video, but our budget just wouldn’t allow it”.
Are you looking for Save the Date wedding invitations?. Or maybe a unique wedding invitation ? We are very excited to announce the creation of our “Save the Date” videos. Save the extra cost of mailing out all the invitations or just get the excitement started. This video is small enough to email to all your family and friends.